Tuesday, March 18, 2008

2day find nothing to blog !
teruk ni ...
no idea =.=

I have blog since 2007
erm...that time what attract me to have a blog is :
"wow.. you can earn money for only blogging !!"

well .. well .. well , it is so attractive , right ?
But for those who are trying to become millionaire in 1 night ,
sorry , blogging is not suit you !
From 2007 until now, really cant denied that I had learned a lot of thing from blogging.
It is not about how much you can earn , is all about how much you can learn !

Haha..anyway, I would like to share my revenue of blogging at here ^.^
I have total of 2 blog for now , (decide to build own website soon ...)
and total of 4 ads publisher on my blog which are google, nuffnang, advertlets, merdekareview.

Below is my profit from ads publisher

(due to their policies , i dint post whole the print screen here x.x)
The most common publisher!
But very tegas, cannot have a lot of fault clicks or you will be banned.
Min cash out :USD100 Cash out method : Cheque


This publisher had updated their website a lot since I joined them !!
They are cool !!!
Join Here
Min cash out :RM100 Cash out method : Cheque


Erm.. is the lowest requirement to cash out between other publisher!
And it have a lot of cool party :)
Nuffnang, keep moving forward !
Join Here
Min cash out :RM50 Cash out method : Cheque


This 1 is also in malaysia, but it is a chinese website
It provide many kind of ads to put either on your blog or website.
Join Here
Min cash out :RM60 Cash out method : Direct Bank In

haha... alamak, still not enough to paid my rental this month !

6 个留言:

Mrcoolku said...

hey u owning 2 blog ah? pro wor...

whats is ur another blog url?

Anonymous said...


這幾天沒見到我,想念我嗎? :$

没人妖 said...

walao mak~long time no see~haha

bluefiz said...

that blog is talk of my course and hacking stuff ..

--->shin shin

why u change ur blog ?
the new blog difficult to leave comment .. =.=

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

dont alamak le lo~.~
u get more $$ than meA>A

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