Monday, April 7, 2008

I killed it ! I killed it !
It was an accident! It was an accident!
I am sorry about that!
My Underwear!
I am sorry that I had accidentally killed you!
Forgive Me!

I dont even have chance to have its last photo .. (so find some photo to replace it, hope it dont mind)

The Incident Begin:
After my bath, normally I will wash my clothes then put them in the barrel and soak them by my favorite "Top" detergent !
So, 2day I just wash only 2 clothes because afternoon already wash some of the clothes.
Well, it was my swimming suit and my underwear!

Crossed the period of time, I go to rinse my clothes. Normally after I take out the clothes from the barrel, I will pour all the used water to the toilet bowl!!!!
As usual, after I take the swimming suit and my underwear (I really thought that I had included my underwear)out, then I start pour the used water to the toilet bowl!

Wait ?!??!??!!!
I found out something that is drop out from my barrel!!!!
WTF, I faster check if my underwear and the swimming suit are beside!
I just flush my underwear

haiz...I killed it! I am seriously cruel on it!
Want it die in this way....
How come I be so careless ????

Anyway, hiew.. not flush the underwear I love most!

Cham liao lo ..hope that it will not jump out from the toilet bowl 2night and come to revenge me !!!! lolx

Attention to all who wash clothes by hand punya people
Do not using the same color with clothes punya barrel, after rinse, please double check before pour the used water to toilet bowl !


4 个留言:

Mrcoolku said...

i also do the same thing as you, pour the water into toilet bowl. but i not as careless as you.

nvm mind lar, u rich ma. or its time for your gf to buy one for you. lolz.

Anonymous said...

sure boh....

buy new 1 loh...

Anonymous said...

at 1st,
i really thought that it is ur underwear and very soon i get disappointed by that..because it isnt ur underwear.
That means that you haven't keep your promise though.
[Should i call you a liar? ]
hng!hng!hng liar!

Shouldn't u know that what do i mean?

Anonymous said...

lolx....good lo then
as coolku said,u so rich..dont worry about that..haa
good luck for u

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