Friday, April 4, 2008

It is seriously hard for a no design cell noob blogger!

Huh, more attractive ?
How ?
Change the template ?
No way ! I love this textpad template very much !

Firstly, I had decided to made my post will more seriously like the text pad !
Each post that post out will be have the design as below.
The post article will be on

and the content of the post will below it...

BUT the conclusion is : I failed . :(

Anyway, I had tried my best!
I am noob in CSS too ...
haha...anyway, I done something for my blog !

My New Header !
Erm... thx to my lovely dear ...
She is the one who give me the idea to complete this Header!

Is that cool enough?
I really love it!


4 个留言:

Anonymous said...


Beverly's Secret said...

it's cute~~
a lovely header..

Anonymous said...

ur dear helped u a lot!
it's cute!

do u ever think to make ur english more proper?
although, i prefer the rojak style language of malaysia..

bluefiz said...

-->BeverLy's Secret
thx beverly~ ^^

erm.. i trying my best !!!
But I prefer blogging like this ..
I feel more comfortable..
If more proper, then maybe i will spent whole day for blog one post ..haha ^^

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