Thursday, June 5, 2008

04 JUNE 08

It was a surprise day for jackie and wen cheong ~
It was their big day!

Happy birthday to u ~ happy birthday to ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Two lovely birthday cake .. haha..

YOHO.. I am now older jor ~~~~

haha.. how happy was wen cheong ~~ cream war ! ! !

Dont ever do 'guai lan' thing to birthday punya people (very kesian, cheese kena rape by 2 fellow)

Yeah ! CN the best ..

The End

What I had learn
1)Is better to have camera all the time beside you, picture above all capture by my nokia 2630 thin phone, hard to stable =.= as a result, those picture was blur.

2)Is better to stay away from the birthday cake when after sing birthday song. It is all for you own good not get involved into the cream war . ! ><

Stay Tunned - 2morrow breaking news of my motor will be blogged.

3 个留言:

Sanze said...

Haha... leave a comment here just to show i really got read ur blog o!

Anonymous said...

cream war~~
nightmare ar!!

Falcon said...

So sweet to see freinds get together and celebrate a birthday!!

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